The Diary of a Madman, is the first in a series of books. It is intended to to be the forerunner to establish the writer. Limited Edition. Click Here to visit a series of covers designsed for this book.

The Ugly Writer, is in essence a thriller: not a 'Who done it' but an insight to the victim. In a failed plot to murder him, it is he who becomes the predator seeking revenge. He is an anti-hero with very little to endear himself to the reader. Limited Edition

Tiger Park, on the surface it is a boy's own futuristic adventure story. Curiously moralistic in tone, there is a deeper meaning. Almost a serial, the hero is forever getting into danger and using his own wits to survive. Limited Edition. Click here to view the book covers.
The Nightmare Factory, is a collection of short horror stories. About half of them have been published in various magazines. They deal primarily with the theme of "a normal person catapulted into a world of the bizarre". Similar in content to the Twighlight Zone. Limited Edition

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Savage Tomorrow, Cory and Collins

*These books (except Savage Tomorrow) have been made into talking books for the blind, for the RIVB. Royal Victorian Institute for the Blind Australia.