Writer, Illustrator & Photographer

"My stories are true

If they haven't already happened

These things will come to pass"


Trevor Donohue is "the silent watcher" of the streets of St.Kilda-a confidante of the "girls" with whom he has an intimate association. In him they confide, in him they trust. Yet the very world in which he delves tortures his soul and troubles his psyche as he comes to terms with his inability to save them from the "Tiger" (Heroin) and their tragic abckgrounds.

Donohue's book "The Diary of a Madman" is pure fiction, a series of short horror stories dealing with obsessive behavior, possibly his own, with the pivotal role of Cassie.

His background (knockabout, taxi driver, and DJ presenter on 3RRR) has taken him into the world of prostitutes, pimps, heroin users, and murderers.

Whilst most of Donohue's stories venture into the darker side of life, as in "Deathsting" (viewed from and insiders perspective) they are also touched with humour, eg. "My Finger Dropped Off". Donohue's own sober habits (he neither imbibes in drugs nor alcohol) allow him to observe the nuances of the subculture he inhabits.